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6 reasons to upgrade your website to HTTPS

16th July 2017

It's easier than ever to make the switch but have you found yourself asking "Why does my website need HTTPS?" In this post we provide six reasons why every website should upgrade.

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Kloudhost is now a Nominet registrar

11th July 2017

As of July 2017, Kloudhost is now an official Nominet Member and registrar, enabling us to provide an even better domain registration service for UK domain names.

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Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting - What's the difference?

10th July 2017

We take a look at some of the differences between multi-site shared hosting and reseller hosting, highlighting why reseller plans are generally best for hosting a number of websites.

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Performance tips for your website

8th June 2017

In this post we share some tips to help improve your website's page load times, for example optimising your images and leveraging caching where available.

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Our new name – Kloudhost

20th April 2017

Ngage Hosting has some exciting news to share – we've changed our name to Kloudhost! We feel the new name better represents our company and vision for the future.

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PHP 7.1 now available

16th December 2016

Ngage Hosting is once again offering the latest and greatest in web hosting with PHP 7.1 now being made available to all customers across our shared hosting, reseller hosting and cloud servers.

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Google Chrome begins highlighting unsecured connections

2nd September 2016

In 2014, the Google Chrome team announced plans for marking plain HTTP connections as non-secure. The second stage of these plans has recently been met, let's see how these changes affect your website.

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Email "Sub-addressing" now supported

3rd August 2016

Customers of our shared hosting, reseller hosting and managed cPanel servers can now take advantage of sub-addressing (also known as plus addressing) for their email accounts.

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Daily R1Soft backups for everyone

15th June 2016

We use R1Soft as our primary backup solution. Customers of our shared hosting, reseller hosting and managed servers can now browse and restore their backups using R1Soft within cPanel.

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Billing cycles to suit you

2nd June 2016

In an effort to provide a little more flexibility, you can now choose from quarterly and biannual billing cycles as alternatives to the existing monthly and annual cycles.

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